The delayed reboot application is a small utility that you can plug into your USB port in order to force a reboot of MFT. It is better than a master reset because it will not reset any of your settings.

Installation and Use


Download the app

Extract the zip file to the root of a blank USB flash drive

The contents of the zip file should go directly into the root of the flash drive. You should use an empty drive, formatted as FAT. This is the normal state of most new USB drives.

With your engine running, insert your delayed reboot flash drive

You can insert it into either USB slot. You don't need to do anything special to prepare before-hand.

A screen should automatically pop up showing the app installation progress. After a few seconds, it will indicate installation is complete. You can press Okay.

Remove the USB drive and turn off the ignition. Open and close the door

This reboot app only works when cycling the ignition of the car. Opening and closing the door will turn off MFT faster. Otherwise, the radio will stay on for some time.

Wait patientially as the MFT screen blanks out and then reboots

This is a point where you need to be patient. Once the screen has blanked, it may flicker from off to on but blank. IT will take a few minutes for the system to reboot, and the screen may be completely blank for as long as a few minutes. If you don't see the "Performing Scheduled Maintainence" screen after 5 minutes, then something went wrong. Turn on the car and it should start normally.

That's it! You can do this again whenever necessary

The reboot app will continue to work every time you use it. You can keep it in your car and plug it in whenever necessary. If you insert it upon arriving to your destination, when you come back, MFT will be rebooted and ready to go!

Special thanks to wilsons66604 for posting this version of the reboot app on the Ford Edge Forums. Credit goes to everyone else who helped make this possible as well. This app originally was derived from a Sirius patch and modified by the community into a reboot app.