Is this site affiliated with Ford Motor Company?

No. This site is run by a Ford owner and is in no way affiliated with Ford Motor Company.

Why are there bugs tracked for MFT versions other than the most recent?

The intent was to collect data to allow a quantitative comparison of 2.11 and 3.0.2. I am intersted to know whether there are regressions or unfixed bugs. The total defect count per version can also serve as a metric for stability. Since this site was created after the release of 3.0.2, we may not be able to collect sufficient data on 2.11.

Is this a smear campaign against Ford?

No. The intent is to encourage Ford to fix the bugs in their flagship entertainment system.

Why did you create this site?

Complaints about the previous version of MFT (2.11) were rampant in forums across the internet. However, Ford stop accepting bug reports and insisted that the new version would be a panacea. There was over a 6 month gap between the release of 2.11 and 3.0.2 and after a few days, it became clear that 3.0.2 did not fix everything. So now, it's become clear that there needs to be more transparency, and better, consistent input from end users. Bugs are often reported over the phone to a Sync support analysis, and the response is almost always to reset the system in some way. There's no way to know if Ford is even logging any of the reported problems. It's evident that 3.0.2 is a marked improvement (despite some subject commentary on the user interface), but it remains to be seen if it will prove more reliable.

How can I help?

Report bugs with appropriate diligence and objectivity. Review other bugs reports for accuracy. If you'd like to help screen and confirm user-reported bugs or contribue content for the site, contact me.